Lisa Ingermanson's portrait to highlight her leadership

Lisa Ingermanson

President of Operations

Lisa is the President of Operations of Mokas. She calls herself a “Jill of All Trades”, although she demonstrates that she masters them all. Lisa was a barista throughout her college career, graduating with a B.S. degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Business. She served as an Admissions Representative for Kansas State University-Salina, then opened the first Mokas in downtown Salina, which is no longer in operation. Within Mokas three locations, she has created a warm and inviting environment to dine, enjoy coffee and specialty drinks including smoothies and other specialties, as well as delicious lunch menu items. Her commitment to the customer base has created a loyal following, gaining a local reputation as the place to go.

Miquo Meska

General Manager – Salina

Miquo is the General Manager of the Salina (Crawford) Mokas. She has been with Mokas since 2010 when it opened in Hays. Miquo worked in the restaurant industry during her college career at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. She has many years of experience in management with full-service restaurants. Known in this college town as the best place for coffee, specialty and coffee drinks—as well as a unique dining experience, Mokas has earned this reputation by providing their loyal customer base with the perfect drink for their cravings by creating exactly what the customer asks for, and by serving delicious menu items.

Brandie Ingermanson

Executive Director of Catering – Salina

Brandie is the General Manager of the South Ninth Mokas in Salina. She has been with the company since 2012, joining Mokas when the South Ninth store opened. She boasts 15 years of management prior to coming to Mokas and four years as an owner / operator of a local coffee house. Brandie brings a wealth of experience to her Mokas store and has created a fun and inviting atmosphere for new and long time customers alike.

Candy Herzog

General Manager – Hays

Candy is a Hays native who recently moved back home from Louisiana where she was a firefighter and rescue/ems. She has 20 years of management experience in the restaurant industry. Candy brings a wealth of knowledge and a family atmosphere to her crew and customers alike.

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