About Mokas

A Mokas employee smiling handing a man his hot to-go coffee from the drive-thru window.

Brewing Quality and Comfort Since 2005

Mokas Cafe was founded in Salina, Kansas a little over 15 years ago. While we continue to grow, one thing stays the same – our dedication to quality products and service. We don’t settle for the ordinary, we strive for the extraordinary.

The Cafe Mission

We know that food and drink are part of an experience. That is why our team carefully crafts menu items that brighten people’s day. It is our mission to serve flavorful food and beverages that emphasize quality and comfort at the highest level.

Our Baristas Are Trained For Accuracy and Quality

We aspire to create high-quality products that people are happy to drink. That’s why we invest in training our baristas on all things coffee. For 14+ days, our baristas begin their journey by learning the ins and outs of cupping, tasting, and brewing. Additionally, we work with them on crafting beverages with accuracy and customer satisfaction in mind. Check out our coffee page to learn about our beans and why our baristas are a cut above the rest.

Two Mokas employees, with headsets smiling out the drive-thru window.

Join our Team

Interested in joining the Mokas Cafe team? Check out our careers page to see if you have what it takes!

Interested in joining the team?
Check out our careers page to see if you have what it takes!

Franchising With
Mokas Cafe

Our restaurants are growing into new territories. By becoming a franchisee with the company, you can expect new growth opportunities and an attractive investment to enhance your business portfolio.

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