Our Coffee

Mokas Coffee is Music on the Tongue

We take pride in what we do, and it shows with every sip. We source the highest quality coffee from around the world to create an orchestra of flavors. As you taste every note you’ll know why Mokas Cafe has become your coffee shop of choice.

Coffee Beans From Around The World

We provide the highest quality possible in every beverage we craft. This begins with the beans used and where they are grown. We source the coffee beans from countries around the world to create blends that boast amazing flavor. Then we train our baristas to brew the best roasts to their highest potential, creating must-have coffee.

Mokas employee dropping off two drinks, one a red Italian soda and the other a hot coffee for two women smiling at the employee.

Coffee Brewed to Perfection

To provide a top-notch cup of coffee, you need top-notch baristas. Mokas baristas undergo a thorough training process to ensure each cup they brew meets the high standards of our customers. This includes:

Extensive Coffee Tastings

Education on the Best Cupping and Brewing Practices

Identifying Different Flavor Profiles

Making Cold Brew Coffee

Readying for Excellent
Customer Service

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