Why Biscuits & Gravy are a Comfort Food Obsession

Biscuits and gravy on a white plate with a fork and blue and white tablecloth

Why are biscuits and gravy a ‘thing’? Like, a thing so many people obsess over? A thing we can’t seem to get enough of and . . . you get the idea. 

It’s an interesting thing. 

The South certainly knows how to comfort the soul with the right plate of food. Among the mighty winners of comfort foods are the unbeatable: biscuits and gravy. 

Whether you’re heartbroken over your latest failed attempt at love or making minimum wage while the cost of fuel keeps rising higher than a wave worth surfing, comfort food is always there for you. 

A Taste of History

If you’re old enough to read this and haven’t yet ordered a plate of biscuits and gravy in your life; make it your very next meal. Trust us. You’ll soon fall under its spell of savory, flaky, creamy divine match-ivity. 

Southern diners and cafes have been serving up biscuits and gravy with such popularity it’s made its way across all parts of the country as a beloved menu favorite.

Many historians believe biscuits and gravy started during the Revolutionary War, deep in the Appalachia Mountains of the late 1800s. Sausage gravy used to be known as “sawmill gravy” because it fueled sawmill workers in the region’s lumber industry. These workers needed calorie-dense foods to sustain them over long working hours, lifting heavy logs and manually transporting and processing them. 

The combination of biscuits and sausage gravy offered the perfect food option to sustain workers with the energy needed for these arduous work environments.

It was also an inexpensive dish to make. It grew rapidly in popularity due to its ability to feed so many workers and soldiers during the Revolutionary War without costing much money. Foods staving off hunger for long periods of time while being easily accessible and affordable were highly desirable during these difficult times in American history.

Embracing the Nostalgia

Anyone with Southern roots will light up when seeing biscuits and gravy on the menu. It’s a statement that stays with a person long after they’ve flown the Southern coop and settled in other parts of the country or world. 

Biscuits and gravy are an iconic American food item, often filled with deep childhood attachments. People will look back to the time when they ate a plate at their grandparents’ house or how it was a traditional morning breakfast in their home. The stories go on and on, and biscuits and gravy carry a powerful attachment of nostalgia, making it an obsession when wanting to feel those hometown connections again. 

An All-American Favorite

It is also a purely American food that emerged out of the necessity of using what was available and purposeful at the time in helping the workers of the local sawmill community. Biscuits and gravy are an American Tradition we get to enjoy just as the hard-working Americans did during the era of the Revolution. 

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