7 Spiced Chai Latte Ingredients Your Body Will Love You For

spiced chai latte

While the temps are cooling off, cozy warm beverages are hitting the spot, including spiced chai lattes. Have you ever wondered what makes them so perfect for Autumn? Better yet for your health? 

Most people don’t think about the health benefits right off the bat when they order their favorite beverage; it’s usually the aroma, taste, combination of flavors, and temperature that draws you in. 

However, spiced chai lattes are extremely beneficial to your health – something everyone should be mindful of during this cold season.

Seven Health Benefits Derived from a Spiced Chai Latte

Ordering a cup of spiced chai is ordering a cup of health benefits. 

Here’s why:

Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants lower free radicals in your body and boost your cellular health. And chai tea is full of it. These antioxidants help prevent degenerative diseases and even cancer. They are found in black tea, cinnamon bark, cardamom, and cloves, making it a concoction full of healthy bliss.

Good for your Heart

Not only do spicy chai lattes make you feel warm, cozy, and happy inside, but they are good for your heart health. The ingredients contain flavonoids which prevent plaque buildup in your arteries. Plaque buildup stresses your heart and makes it difficult to work properly against the obstruction of build-up. Cinnamon is also shown to lower bad cholesterol and treat cardiovascular disease.

Supports Healthy Digestion

Consuming chai tea means consuming a powerful combination of spices and tea components that help your overall digestive system. Black tea treats gastrointestinal issues and ginger is helpful with digestion, along with cardamom.

Heightened Focus, Energy, and Alertness

Spiced chai lattes are the perfect elixir of energizing caffeine without jitters. Black tea specifically contains l-theanine which increases your focus and alertness.

Promotes Youthful Skin

Spiced chai lattes are loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals for your skin. These compounds include zinc, magnesium, potassium, and more. All these help rejuvenate tired-looking skin and protect it from harmful environmental elements. Plus, it’s part of staying hydrated throughout the day which is always a good look.

Decreases Inflammation

Have a sickness, illness, or disease of any kind and you’re likely to trace it back to inflammation. Inflammation in the body is often the root cause of countless health issues. By drinking a spiced chai latte, you’re allowing powerful combatants into your system to fight inflammation. 

The ingredients attributed to lowering inflammation are black tea, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. These chai tea ingredients are great for relieving your body of chronic pain including arthritis, autoimmune disorders, IBS, and more.

Prevents Cold and Flu Symptoms

All of the above health benefits lead to a better immune system and overall quality of life. Everyone knows to drink tea when experiencing cold and flu symptoms. However, it’s helpful to drink teas throughout the entire year to boost your immunity for the colder months. Drinking spiced chai lattes helps ease these symptoms and avoids full-blown illness altogether. Black tea offers antiviral properties and the additional chai tea ingredients all contain powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

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