Multiple cups of coffee in a circle on a round wooden table

The Psychology of Coffee: What it Says About Your Personality

Coffee tells a story about you. Psychologists are always curiously driven to understand the underlying personality aspects behind what appears ordinary. Coffee research is no different.
Coffee with cream in a glass with ice with aerial view

The Most Popular Coffee and Food Pairings 

Every day is a chance to start your day right with your favorite hot or cold coffee beverage. While that is a fact, what food goes best with your cup of joe is up for debate. 
Coffee grounds and coffee beans with spoon and jar

Is Caffeine Good for You?

You’ve probably read headlines or been around people advocating for or against caffeine. Well, we’re happy to break down the caffeine debate.

Warm Weather Abound: Get Your Smoothie On

Warmer weather is now here, which means only one thing - it’s time to relax, smoothie in hand. Learn more about this perfect warm-weather remedy.
Coffee beans being stored in a jar

How to Store Whole Coffee Beans

Coffee can costly when you buy bags of it to brew in your home. That’s why storing your coffee beans correctly helps your beans last longer and taste better.
Chai Latte served at a coffee shop with custom artwork

A Cupful of Benefits: Chai Lattes Promotes Health & Wellness

If you’ve ever had a chai latte, then you know how delicious they are with their array of spices. What you might not know is how healthy it is.
pour-over coffee

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Sometimes keeping it simple can be just as good as that $500 machine. Look at the pour-over coffee for example. But, what exactly is pour-over coffee and how do you make it?
dark roast vs light roast coffee beans

Light Roast vs. Dark Roast: The Difference in Taste

We all have our preferences in which we like to drink, but what are the true differences between the two and which is more enjoyable to drink?