The Most Popular Coffee and Food Pairings 

Coffee with cream in a glass with ice with aerial view

Coffee is for every season of the year. Every day is a chance to start your day right with your favorite hot or cold coffee beverage. While that is a fact, what food goes best with your cup of joe is up for debate. 

Just as milk goes with cookies, there are certain foods that go best with coffee and don’t clash with your overall taste experience. There’s no doubt that coffee has a strong flavor with a distinct aroma. This makes it a unique type of beverage that needs the right flavor combination with your edible item of choice.

For example, have you ever heard of anyone drinking coffee while eating sushi? Didn’t think so. With that said, let’s take a look at what goes best with coffee and why.

Coffee and Sweet Bread

Sweet breads like cinnamon rolls, muffins, doughnuts, crepes, and pancakes with syrup are just some of the popular pairings with coffee. Why does this work so well? The sweetness infused in a carbohydrate helps balance the strong acidity contained in coffee. The sweet bread doesn’t overpower the coffee, making it go well together, and is a highly addictive combo. 

Coffee and Cream (Ice Cream)

Coffee and cream is a must for many java enthusiasts, so it makes sense that making ice cream with coffee would work well together. Iced coffee retains its loveable flavor and making it into a creamy bowl of ice cream is a popular choice in the grocery aisle. Even people who don’t drink coffee regularly will enjoy coffee-flavored ice cream.

Coffee and Chocolate

Coffee and chocolate offers you a double shot of flavor that is well worth every bite. Why does it work well together? The complexities of the coffee flavor enhance the chocolate in a unique way. Both flavors are distinct and when combined, neither is overpowered by the other, resulting in a deliciously balanced combination. This is why mochas and chocolate tiramisus are so popular. 

Your Coffee and Side Item at Mokas

If you’re searching for a place with the perfect duo, Mokas has it all. We’ve got hot and iced coffee beverages along with a variety of savory and sweet pairings to go with your choice of coffee. Whatever your cravings desire, we keep our customers happy with a multitude of delicious choices. We’ve got amazing pastries and breakfast items to choose from. In the mood for a cinnamon roll, muffin, or scone? We’ve got that too.

Coffee lovers have a serious addiction for good reason. The rabbit hole of complexity in coffee notes ranges widely with different levels of nutty and earthy flavors. If you really want to find out what flavors go best with the many varieties of coffee from around the world, consider the coffee flavor wheel to explain it all.

Mokas Cafe Has Your Coffee and Sweet Treat Covered 

Mokas Cafe was founded in Salina, Kansas over 15 years ago. Since our opening, we strive to create a worthwhile experience for everyone who walks through our doors with friendly customer service and delicious food and brews. We live to serve our community in providing consistent service and it’s why our loyal customers continue to rely on us for quality food and drinks.

One way we do this is by offering our guests breakfast all day because we know not everyone’s day starts in the morning. That means you can order our Country Breakfast Slider when you want it and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

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