Menu Highlight: Mokas Country Breakfast Slider

Breakfast slider with cheese, egg, sausage, and potato pancake on a white plate

Yes, our Country Breakfast Slider is that good and worth writing about! Although everything we whip up at Mokas is top-quality and served with your taste bud satisfaction in mind, we couldn’t help but highlight our Country Breakfast Slider.

This highly popular breakfast item is worth all the hype and we’ll explain why. However, before we dive into the meat and potatoes, let’s talk about breakfast in general.

Breakfast Food Powers You Up for the Day

Breakfast time is an opportunity to start your day on the right foot. Getting a hearty meal to power you through all your planned (and unplanned) activities is a proactive approach towards controlling your day and not the other way around.

Have you ever skipped breakfast just to get so busy with back-to-back demands, leaving you feeling zapped and famished by 2 pm? We’ve all been there. And hopefully, what it taught us is the importance of grabbing a bite to eat before life gets unmanageably hectic. 

Fun Facts About Breakfast

Now that we can appreciate the importance of breakfast to make our days run smoother and avoid the crash and burn of running on empty, here are some fun facts about breakfast you might find interesting:

Did you know . . .

  • In Ancient Egypt, the typical breakfast for workers consisted of bread and beer; while upper-class Egyptians ate meat and vegetables.
  • Bread, cheese, and ale were the morning meals of many Middle Ages workers.
  • The term “continental breakfast” came from the British who referred to the rest of Europe as “the continent” and described the various regional styles of breakfast as a “continental breakfast”, (for example a french baguette and coffee).
  • The highest price for breakfast was a whopping $37,000 from West End’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s opening. Some notable items from this iconic breakfast included edible gold, bottles served covered in real pearls and diamonds, French raspberry liquor, and plenty more exquisite additions to complete the experience.

Mokas Country Breakfast Slider – Ingredients for Champs

Now, let’s focus on our highlighted menu item, the Country Breakfast Slider. This hearty breakfast consists of eggs the way you like them, American cheese, potato pancake, and sausage on a potato bun. Not only is this breakfast filling and delicious, but also highly nutritious, and here’s why:

Eggs— A single egg contains all nine essential amino acids our body requires to build protein. Our bodies are also dependent on eggs for vitamin B-12, phosphorus, selenium, antioxidants, choline, and more.

American Cheese— This type of cheese is high in protein and low in carbs.

Potato Pancake— Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also high in fiber and a good source of vitamin C.

Sausage— Another source of protein on your plate along with high amounts of iron and vitamin B-12.

You work hard and so do we— making your breakfast at Mokas a success! When we see a familiar face, we know it’s not by accident. Our food and service has that effect and we are proud to serve the community we love.

Mokas Cafe Has Your Breakfast Fix Covered 

Mokas Cafe was founded in Salina, Kansas over 15 years ago. Since our opening, we strive to create a worthwhile experience for everyone who walks through our doors with friendly customer service and delicious food and brews. 

One way we do this is by offering our guests breakfast all day because we know not everyone’s day starts in the morning. That means you can order our Country Breakfast Slider when you want it and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

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