Is Caffeine Good for You?

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Unfortunately, the caffeine debate continues with opposing headlines continually popping up. You’ve probably read headlines or been around people advocating for or against caffeine. One minute it’s a toxic killer of mankind and the next it’s celebrated for its many benefits.

So, why is caffeine so controversial? There’s plenty of reasons for both sides of the debate. But the purpose of this blog is to explore its reasoning and help you decide what’s best. You are the ultimate judge of what you consume in food and drinks and we’re happy to break down the caffeine debate. 

Quick Health Facts on Caffeine:

Here’s some must know health-related information regarding caffeine.

  • Considered a stimulant to our central nervous system
  • A diuretic; making your body lose more water and salt
  • Known to raise blood pressure
  • Increases stomach acid levels; may result in heartburn

This is not an exhaustive list of the health-related connections between caffeine and the body, rather a broad idea of its components and how they generally affect our biology.

The Concern with Caffeine Consumption

Stimulants cause concern for certain individuals with high blood pressure or other underlying health issues sensitive to stimulants. If you have medical conditions that would be negatively impacted by the natural effect caffeine has on the body, your health care professional may advise against consuming coffee, tea, or other caffeinated products. Negative effects may also occur when combining caffeine with certain prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. Again, your best advice will come from a physician or nurse who can make recommendations based on your personal health history. 

Why People Love Caffeine 

The list would never end if we went over all the reasons people love caffeine. It is no secret how coffee, tea, and chocolate are a worldwide obsession that goes back centuries. Even with the rise of energy drinks, the appeal for its benefits is one that has a massive amount of people craving caffeine every day.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the discovery of caffeine. Not only has tea and coffee been a cultural tradition across the world for centuries, there’s great dependency on its natural benefits. 

Here are some of the main benefits of caffeine:

Instant energy – Busy lives require the energy to keep going at such a rapid daily pace. Caffeine is the answer in a cup every morning or night when the hustle of work or study carries on. This natural stimulant is credited for significantly increasing mental and physical energy. 

Staying up late – Caffeine blocks a neurotransmitter called, “adenosine”, which triggers signals in the brain to increase sleepiness. Blocking this trigger is what helps individuals stay up late while driving or studying for an exam. For those who don’t want their sleep inhibited, it’s recommended to set a cut-off time for caffeine consumption. For example, some people choose to only drink caffeine in the morning and early afternoon, cutting it off after 2pm to ensure their sleep is not inhibited. 

Improves your mood – Caffeine raises dopamine levels, making us feel more positive. Since it also helps increase our focused attention span, we are more likely to be happily productive in our daily tasks.

Metabolism boost – The boost of energy not only increases your desire for exercise and physical activity, but also helps trigger the breakdown of fat cells for energy use. You’ll see caffeine in many weight loss supplements for this reason. 

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